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Robust Applications with clever control and data flow concepts


LEiTEK Cylinder Filling Plant for Analysis and Filling Process

LEiTEK offers a software solution with which a complex control of filling and analysis processes for bottles with gases or gas mixtures can be carried out.

The system supports the recipe operation and carries out an online analysis after completion of the filling process.

All data are stored and evaluated and finally a certificate is generated.

Leitek Cylinder Filling Plant for Analysis and Filling Process
Profibus-Diagnose Professionelle Kommunikationsanalyse & Fehlerdiagnose


Professional Communication Analysis and Diagnostic Fault-Finding

…to increase the fail safety of machines, systems and devices and eventually restore their functionality.

We carry out the diagnosis during operation. So, we can reveal weaknesses in old or faulty networks such as faulty connections or cables. All these could lead to machine and plant failures.

After the diagnosis you will receive a detailed measurement protocol as well as a nonconformity review with indications of the remedy and avoidance.

Inspection of Electrical Installations

Inspection of mobile and fixed equipment/ facilities

German law prescribes certain technical inspections to avoid accidents and to improve operational safety standards (according to DIN VDE 0701-0702 as well as DGUV / Regulation 3).

The LEiTEK Team is glad to also offer these inspection services to you.

After completion you will receive a detailed measurement report as well a timetable for the legally required periodic inspections.

Prüfung von E-Anlagen
Bibliotheken für TIA-Portal

Library for TIA Portal

Block Library for and PLC Visualisation

LEiTEK has developed a standard solution for programming with Siemens Simatic TIA-Portal (considering the Siemens Simatic Software Guidelines).

The library consists of single blocks which support a continuous project planning – from the control to the visualisation.

These block solutions also support the handling of process values, parameters, controls as well as reports and interlocks.

Our Solutions 

A selection of already completed projects

Automation of the Production Control in Shipbuilding


  • Control system modernisation
  • Crosslinking all system components
  • Interfaces to the ERP system, to the construction department and to the production organisation


  • Programming of the control system for plants, cranes and conveyor technique with Simatic S7-400
  • Programming of the OPC interfaces between PC and automation technology
  • Programming of the central computer with all relevant interfaces (e.g. to the ERP system)
  • Installation of a remote access system for support purposes
  • Submission and receipt of data from and to the ERP System
  • Realisation of a task-related operation and control (with production clients)


  • Higher plant availability
  • Optimisation of production processes and traceability as well as retraceability
  • Avoidance of unnecessary double data storage
  • Preparation of interfaces for process digitisation
Automatisierung der Fertigungssteuerung im Schiffbau

Production Plant Automation in the Cosmetics Industry

Automatisierung der Herstellung von Kosmetika


  • Replacement of the previous control system by an all-embracing production control system
  • Realisation of a simple and consistent handling
  • Recording of product and resource data
  • Energy management
  • Installation of a vertical network between control system, recipe system and SAP system


  • Programming of the control system (PCS 7)
  • Networking of all devices via Profinet
  • Redundant design of the most important system components to increase the availability
  • Programming of the recipe control with Simatic Batch
  • Development of an APL Library for PCS 7
  • Data communication between SAP and Simatic Batch
  • Energy data recording and management as well as resource management


  • Structured process workflows (e.g. traceability and repeatability)
  • Optimisation of batch processes
  • Elimination of the unnecessary double data management
  • Increase production volume

Monitoring of the bunkering process on ships


  • Monitoring and quantity measurement during the heavy fuel bunkering process made by a bunkering ship (barge)
  • Continuous flow process control
  • Performance data management
  • Automatic data evaluation and protocol generation
  • Display of irregularities


  • Process control with Simatic S7-1200
  • Communication between coriolis measurement and control system via Modbus
  • Differentiated evaluation for all signals of the flow measurements
  • Optimal setting of the process conditions
  • Display of the current data on an operator panel
  • Recording of process data and protocol output
  • Data display in charts and graphs (with a PC Evaluation Tool)


  • Bunker procedure and refilled quantity control
  • Provision of data and protocols to verify the refilled heavy fuel quantity and quality with the supplier
Monitoring des Bunkervorgangs auf Schiffen

Analysis and Loading System for Cryogenic Fluids

Analysen- und Verladesystem für tiefkalte Flüssigkeiten


  • Development of an automatic analysis and loading system for cryogenic fluids
  • Communication to the PC system for order transfer (inbound/ outbound) orders
  • Software development for Simatic Step 7 and PCS7 with a uniform library
  • Easy and intuitiv operation


  • Development of a central control system with an extensive decentralised periphery (e.g. for card readers)
  • Library programming for Step 7 and PCS7 with Simatic CFC, TIA-Portal and WinCC
  • Standardised communication between Simatic and PC System by OPC interfaces
  • Automatic provision of configuration data for the parametrisation of the OPC server
  • Programming of a flexible interface to connect different devices to the automation system


  • Stable control of the analysis and loading processes due to distributed Profibus networks
  • Easy software parametrisation for different demands
  • No needs of modifying PCs at new hardware embedding

Automation of a Distillation Process


  • Automation of the entire distillation process with PCS7
  • Implementation of a Server-Client-System for Operation and Engineering
  • Use of the MFL Library for PCS7
  • Migration of the dryer control from Simatic Step 7 to PCS7


  • Development of a virtual, redundant PCS7 computer architecture
  • Software development for PCS 7 V8.2
  • Installation of the PCS 7 facilities and the terminal bus system
  • Consistent implementation of the programming guidelines for PCS7


  • Higher availability due to the redundant server system
  • Easy storage and recovery of PC applications due to virtual PC technology
  • Optimisation of control and regulation processes
  • Saving of time processes due to remote maintenance access
Automatisierung eines Destillationsprozesses

Monitoring Software for inspection required Equipment

Überwachungssoftware für prüfpflichtige Ausrüstungen


  • Comprehensible and retraceable equipment monitoring
  • Management of equipment, which needs to be tested
  • Flexible development of test specifications for the main system
  • Guided testing with handheld PCs with integrated RFID identification
  • Data administration and control of processes


  • Development of a data base application with front end for the administration and processing of devices, regulations, processes
  • Data generation for mobile usage with handheld PCs
  • Quantity guided testing of the equipment with handheld PCs
  • Data retransfer to the main system
  • Issuance of test certificates, repair orders and operation lists


  • Comprehensible and retraceable tests
  • Flexible testing processes and deadline monitoring
  • Working time savings due to effective test handling
  • Tests are always “up-to-date”

Food processing industry

Automation and Traceability of a production chain using the example of milk

Automatisierungs-Produkte & Lösungen